*** Please be aware If you apply to join us as a volunteer now, you won’t be fighting fires this season. ***
We welcome applications from members of the community wishing to join and contribute, however it takes a a lot training to become a qualified fire fighter. Due to the current fire season we lack the capacity to train new volunteers.

We still encourage you to apply as new applications will be responded to at the conclusion of the fire season.

Get Involved

Who are our volunteers?

Our volunteers are regular members of the community just like you. If you are community minded and looking to make a difference we are looking for individuals to work with our existing members.

What do Volunteers do?

There are many ways that Volunteers can make a valuable contribution to the community. CFA welcomes different people with different skills to meet a wide variety of community needs. The brigade has two types of roles, firefighting and non-fighting roles (support team).

Firefighting Roles –

Refers to emergency operations roles that respond to a range of incidents, including firefighting, road accidents, industrial rescues, flood relief and chemical spills.

  • Attending fires – bushfires and structural
  • Conducting fuel reduction burns
  • Attending road accident rescues
  • Attending incidents involving hazardous materials
  • Attending other emergencies including flood assistance
  • Attending other types of rescue

Non Firefighting Roles –

  • Fire Safe Kids presenters & other community education programs
  • Fundraising activities
  • Brigade training
  • Brigade equipment maintenance
  • Media and public relations
  • Multicultural liaison
  • Brigade administration

Benefits of being a volunteer

Being a CFA volunteer can involve some hard work, but the rewards are great. You can:

  • Develop leadership and people management capabilities
  • Learn new skills that help you in your professional and personal life
  • Receive accredited training
  • Meet new friends
  • Be part of Victoria’s largest volunteer team
  • Achieve personal goals
  • Put something back into your community
  • Involve the whole family

To register your interest please complete the following form:

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